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Meet the Demand of the 21st Century Pursuit for MH Latest Technorogies and its Systematization.

What are needed for the Japanese industries in the 21st century are creative activities that include new sense of value, review of innovative management strategies and structuring new vision.
Under such circumstances, introduction of new MH technologies and systems that can correspond to industrial globalization and further cost reduction are the major requirements for both production and distribution site.
In order to cope with the changes, JMHS spares no effort in seeking for latest MH technologies and systems that can meet the demand of the 21st century.


The Japanese Material Handling Society (JMHS) was founded in 1956 for the purposes of promoting technical innovation in production and distribution field especially through application of MH theory, development of its management and technology, and information exchange among JMHS members. Since its founding, JMHS has expanded as the core MH organization in Japan, accumulating international experiences through information exchanges with counterparts in Europe and U.S. Recently we have been developing close relationship with neighboring countries and regions such as China, Taiwan and Korea etc.

In alliance with Japan Productivity Center for Socio-Economic Development and Japan Packaging Institute, we are striving for global improvement of the total system in production and distribution.


JMHS is a leading organization composed of specialists and authorities in the field of MH, aiming to streamline or systematize MH and enhance efficiency of productivity and distribution in Japan.
From basic research on systematization to interchange of experiences, JMHS is involved with all kinds of MH related activities.
JMHS promotes modernization of productivity and distribution in cooperation with MH related people in different fields from governmental to private, industrial and institutional organizations or companies.
JMHS cooperates with overseas MH related organizations to keep up with the world trend of rationalization in production and distribution field.
JMHS keeps MH/distribution material that enables members to obtain the latest information on their internal and external trend.
As the only course existing in Japan for fostering able specialists, JMHS holds the "Logistics/MH Engineering Course" every year, which has produced capable experts and has been highly evaluated.

Exchange of Experiences

  1. 1. Cooperation with overseas organizations
    Alliance and interchange with overseas noted MH related organizations and companies contribute to advancement in MH technologies.
    In March 2000, JMHS became the first organization among MH/distribution organizations that entered into an agreement with Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMHS) on cooperation in the field of distribution.
    [Allied organizations]
    Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMHS)
    Taiwan Association of Logistics Management (TALM)
    International Materials Management Society (IMMS)
    Instre of Materials Handling in Deutschland (RKW)
  2. 2. Dispatching/Accepting MH Study Groups
    Since its establishment, JMHS continues to dispatch MH study groups to various foreign countries and this has been achieving fruitful results. Particularly, JMHS has been developing close relationship with China and Taiwan. Also, JMHS has accepting overseas study groups who would like to exchange with Japanese leading companies, which has been highly evaluated.
  3. 3. Holding annual study convention
    All the members gather every year and various presentations related to MH and distribution are made for the purposes of improvement MH technologies and mutual exchange among members.
  4. 4. Good MH Equipment/Systems Award
    Selected by members, the award is given to good MH equipment or systems, which will be awarded on the occasion of Tokyo MaT. The purpose of the award is to propagate the MH technologies in all business activities from procurement of raw material to recycling.
  5. 5. Shimoji Prize (Japan MH Prize)
    In honor of perennial effort of the late Mr. Kamematsu Shimoji who was an advisor and honorary member of JMHS, the Shimoji Prize is given to such individuals or groups who have made remarkable contribution to MH technologies. The prize was established in 1987 and the ceremony for the prize is held every May.

Service Activities for Members

  1. 1. MH Technical Forum, Company Tours
    As an opportunities for mutual information and experience exchange, MH Technical Forum featured on the latest technologies as well as company tours to rationalized plants, latest distribution centers and institutes are provided to members 5-6 times in the year.
  2. 2. Logistics/MH Engineering Course
    JMHS holds every year the "Logistics/MH Engineering Course", the only course existing in Japan for fostering able specialists. Those who passed the graduation exam of the course are qualified as the "Logistics/MH Engineering Professional".
    The 1st course began in 1979 and about 400 consultants were produced in the last 22 years. The professionals who finished this course have been acting in the first line of logistics/MH sections in Japan.
  3. 3. Various seminars and symposiums
    JMHS holds MH technical seminars including SCM, automation, low cost and IT strategy etc., MH system design course and MH Symposium (in Kansai area). JMHS members are eligible to participate at special reduced charges.
  4. 4. Technical counseling and consulting
    As part of services for members, JMHS provides them with such services as technical counseling for improvement of MH technologies. As to the consulting, JMHS will be an intercessor for members, providing suitable advisors.
  5. 5. Various information services and publications
    JMHS delivers its monthly magazine "MH Journal" featuring case studies, user trends and other valuable information to its members without compensation. Recent publications include "Handbook for Material Handling" and "Global Material Handling for the Last Ten Years" etc.